Altozano Plot
(Via a La Calera, Bogota, D.E.)

Next to the beautiful condo building so named and located at 91 Street and 4 th Avenue, a 15,790m2 ( over 1,0 acre) very steep pine forest lot with spectacular view of the city, owned by M&R-I and some of the original developers of this building, is offered for sale at us$ 4,545/m2,for a total price of us$450.000 . < Col $102,300/m2…….Total $2.050.000>
Terms can be agreed upon
This lot is at the upper limit of the east-zoning of the city and just a few yards from the famous “TRAMONTI ” restaurant, one of the best in town.
A view of this lot and adjoining Altozano building, can be seen in the photo gallery (see Altozano photo)